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What is Ratti ?

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What is the Ratti? In ancient times, when there was nothing to weight, different types of items were used to weigh in different businesses. And there were different scales of weight. For example, gold silver and jewels are very valuable in the goldsmith's business, due to the fact that their weight scale also needs to be very fine. So the goldsmith invented a weight scale by name of Ratti. In fact, Ratty is a type of seed which is known by different names and weight was around 120 milligrams.

In the old times, One Tola weight was 11.660 grams and one gram weight was 1166 milligrams. So the Ratti was one tenth of a gram. So, according to this, 116 milligrams were used in one go, but the goldsmiths used Ratti Seeds as a weight so that 120 milligram ratti was commonly use, then the weight of one Ratti was circulated in 120 milligrams. At that time, carat was used in the business of international gems market, which was 180 milligram and one Cent of 2 milligram. Over time, due to most weight scales, there was some change in the weight gain in the markets.

In the business of international jewellery, carat weight was agreed with 200 mg. of consensus and the weight of the Cent weighed 2 mg. and the weight of 100 Sent is to 1 carat So, the Carat of 180 milligrams in India got 200 mg. and the Carat of 180 mg. was known as Carat Ratti or Pakki Ratti, and 120 mg of Ratti was known as Kacchi Ratti and also with the passage of time, now a Tola was of 10 grams and due to being one part of One gram, the weight of the Ratti has reached 100 milligrams. But because astrology is an ancient science, its calculation recognizes the ancient method or ancient metering, which still considers Rattis to be 120 milligrams. But due to different business perspectives, even today, the exception of the Ratti is different in different states, as Delhi, Surat, Jaipur addressing 180 mg. of Ratti But Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and in most of the states, the proportion of 120 milligrams is admissible. If anyone has to use the correct weight of Ratti to hold gemstone on astrological basis, then according to the amount of 120 milligrams.