Welcome to Bhagyaratan Jewelry online store
Welcome to Bhagyaratan Jewelry online store


Product Authentication System (PAS)

Bhagya Ratan Introduced a new feature Product Authentication System to authenticate your product yourself. This is very easy to use : There are Product No. mention on both hard copy of Gemstone Certificate and backside of Sealed Gemstone Box. Fill form with Product No. by using Product Authentication System and you will get online certification by popup presentation of your product. Both details are same as mention on hard copy of Product’s Certificate. These type of authentication shows that your product are genuine.

Online Digital Certificate

Each Bhagya Ratan Natural Gemstone or other products passes through strict quality controls and extra care till final packing of the product. A unique Product number is issued for every gem and other products which can be seen on the packing box, certificate etc.

To give extra security a Twin Certification System is followed, in addition to hard copy certificates for all products, a digital certificate is also issued, which can be accessed with the help of Product Authentication System on Internet.

What is Product Authentication System ?

To provide online Digital Certification and Authenticate the originality of the products, certified and packed by the company, Bhagya Ratan has developed a Hi-Tech. and highly Sophisticated System to get believe of our respectable customer. Product Authentication System is the most secure & latest technology to authenticate the originality of the Gemstone and other products.

Till date this technology was only used to authenticate high end electronic gadgets manufactured by MNC's. But now Bhagya Ratan has brought this technology for all of you to authenticate and verify the credentials of your products, Anytime & Anywhere.

How Product Authentication System Works ?

The working of Product Authentication System is very simple. Each product is issued a unique Product Number, when it is packed. This number is printed on the packing of gemstone and other products.  Go to the top of any page of www.bhagyaratan.in and write the Product Number in the form and click  Authenticate. You will be taken to another page where the digital certificate of your Product can be seen. Here you can match all the parameters of your Product.